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Hi everyone,
 It is still with great sadness that I have decided to sell up.
 I previously started to list my stock but the threads go confused.
 I am selling up my complete system and have all the stock for sale. I would like it to all go together but if not below is what I have. I will list all of the livestock on the other classified pages.
 I am open to sensible offers.
 I live in Swindon, just off of the M4....postcode SN25. COLLECTION ONLY.

Open to offers for the tank, sump, return pump and light but no less than 350.00, ill even throw in a large flipper magnet cleaner :)

 1 x 120cm x 80cm x 60cm clear seal tank, cabinet and sump - 300.00 o.n.o - OPEN TO OFFERS
 1 x 4ft EVERGROW IT2120 REEF PRO LED light unit and controller - 200.00 o.n.o - OPEN TO OFFERS
 1 x Jabao cp 55 cross flow pump and controller - 45.00
 1 x TMC NEW reef plus 1200 skimmer - 75.00 ono cost 200 new
 Auto top up system - 30.00
 D&D canister reactors and pumps - 30.00 including postage
 Double T5 light unit ballast complete with purple & blue tubes new - 30.00



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Hi can you PM or whatsapp me the list of the livestock you are selling please - corals and fish - I am in SE17 London so not a million miles away

Thanks Andy


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Sorry to hear your selling up mate !

Do you still have anything left at all ? I’m after a dosing pump and possibly other peices too


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Hi buddy. What ato are you selling?

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Hello are you selling the dosing pump?

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