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Marine Aquarium set up

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Hi All,
After much deliberation, I have decided to sell my tank (I'm out of country too much with work, tank is positioned in conservatory, so it's just too much work to look after properly )

It's a TMC Signature 900 (900x450x750mm) with sump. Equipment is;- V2 luminaire 900, sump pump, 300w heater, Hydor Korallia 2 pump wave maker. The Reef-Skim has been changed to a Bubble Magus C3.5. Have added light to sump and electricals as shown in picture

There is a good quantity of live rock with leather coral, xenia, mushroom, recordea, bubbletip rose anemone (that has split in two)

Fish are;- lemonpeel dwarf angel, regal tang, green coral gobies (x2), common clowns (x2)
Inverts are;- cleaner shrimp, sea hare, brittle starfish, porcelain crab, various hermits and snails

Will also come with partial test kits, dry foods, cleaning equipment

If anyone is interested I'm looking for £500, collection from Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Was initially considering selling off livestock bit at a time, but thought it might be easier/quicker to sell as whole kit??
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