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for sale update

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the following items is the only items i have now got left
aqua medic eco drift 4.1 wavemaker=£50
AQUA COOLER V4 cooling fans =£35
stc1000 temp controller (only set up for heating,but can be converted for cooling as well)=£20
fluval blue led lights =£20
media reactor with complete with pump = £65
sump deep white led lights £20
25 litres water containers x3 =£5 each
1x12 litre water container for auto top up =£3.50
vitalis soft coral food=£5
NT labs pro-f reef snow coral food =£5
half of bottle colombo calcium plus =£3
vitalis marine pellets (small) 3/4 full =£5
vitalis algae pellets (small) 3/4 full =£4
ocean nutrition prime reef flakes 3/4 full =£4
test kit package =all well in date some till 2020, some have signs of use but plenty left for testing=£25
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  • Tank Thread: TMC 900

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Hello. how do the cooling fans fit? Interested in those and some containers plesse
Complete newbie. 180 l tank with 70 l sump. TMC Skimmer Pro 300. Zetlight UFO LEDS. Reef tide wavemaker
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the fans fit over your tank or sump glass and then tighten by two screws. you can turn the fans on and off your self by the on /off switch or have them fitted(by plug) with an temp controller in which then the temp controller will control the on/off when needed in which its a fit and forget.they are a godsend in this warm weather we are getting at the mo these fans will work up to 300 litres tank.
the dimensions for the fans is 400x125x65mm.
got 3x 25 litres and one 12 litre container used for auto top up