Elos 120XL Diamond Line aquarium & Absolute Line stand+extras,worth just £9700!

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Elos 120XL Diamond Line aquarium for sale with upgraded Absolute Line cabinet in white (used)+extras. Bundle worth just under £10,000. Diamond clear glass, quiet drain, rimless polished edges – a truly stunning hand-made tank.

Regrettably due to moving house I am considering selling my aquarium from Italian company Elos. The current RRP of all items is just shy of £10,000 so I am looking for around £4000 for the package. Just seeing if anyone may be interested. If I can’t get the right price then I will try to fit it in the new house somehow!

It is the XL with volume 480 litres.
Cabinet dimensions - 120x80x87 (height) cm
Tank dimensions 120x80x50 (height) cm

So why is this tank 120XL + Absolute Line Stand priced £5750 on the Elos UK website?
(NB Charterhouse aquatics price doesn’t include the upgraded stand)..
1.   This is the highest quality hand-made Italian designed aquarium.
2.   Crystal Clear Diamond clear glass, polished edges & braceless.
3.   Elos unique Quiet Drain overflow corner weir
4.   Bi-component glue for added strength
5.   Powder coated aluminium stand – an upgrade from the Classic line stand that comes as standard. Lightweight, durable and will last forever.
6.   Customisable cabinet panels – they can be ordered in any RAL colour from Elos. This allows you to customise your aquarium to suit the room. I only have white cabinet doors. The long sides of the aquarium are hinged doors, and the other 2 are magnetic clip on.
7.   All cabinet panels can be removed which makes maintenance easy.
8.   Planetpro lights are packed full of extra LED strips for good SPS growth. They are a sleek and modern design.

The tank was purchased and delivered in June 2016, invoice available to view if required. It has only been moved into our lounge after being delivered by the courier. The aquarium is heavy – it weighs between 160-180kg so you will need 3-4 strong people to lift. We used 4 Veribor Bohle suction lifters to make it easier to move it (each lifter can take 120kg). You are welcome to use them to move it to your van from our garage if needed. The empty aquarium will soon be in our garage. When you collect I will fill it with water from the hose to prove it is water tight. Depending on your location we could accompany you home so you can use the lifters to move the aquarium into your house.

The tank is in VGC, but as it is 3 years old there are a few very small scratches on the glass. These in my opinion are not noticeable and I couldn’t even photograph them! There is the usual occasional salt corrosion on a few screws but otherwise condition is very good.

The Planet Pro lights very occasionally start to operate “out of sync”, but this is fixed with a manual reset that takes a few minutes. They also do not work well with Elos’s planet pro phone app. This has always been the case, hopefully one day they will release an update that works.

I feel £4000 is a good price, but I realise this tank will only appeal to a small niche market.. any questions please ask. I know I may get no interest – at that point I may review the price, or not sell it.

Here is a bit more information about the features if you wish to read, or look on the Elos website https://www.elosamerica.com/diamond/

•   Crystal Clear Diamond clear glass
“ELOS DiamondVision makes for the very finest glass that combines the qualities of scratch resistance with a unique transparency for super crisp and vibrant view of your underwater habitat. This refined glass offers a light transmission of 92% and a color rendering of 99% producing extraordinary view inside the aquarium”

•   Elos Unique Quietdrain overflow corner weir
“With a small footprint, the new variable flow drain encompasses the features that all users require in a modern aquarium' overflow: incredibly quiet, high variable water flow, safety features!
Thanks to its design you will be able to use very high flow rated pumps (up to 11,000 liters*), without any drain noise.
Equipped with a tap both, in the drain as well as in the return, you will be able to control the flow, thus reducing the need to install extra flow pumps as required in ALL competitors aquariums”.

•   Bi-component glue
Elos always make their aquariums braceless, thanks to the unique characteristics of the silicone used. They use new bi-component, high bonding glue. This is used on larger models, which require a better resistance to pressure: ELOS raises the bar again of the sealing characteristics of its aquariums.
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