TMC Reef Rear Sump Skimmer

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Peeps, I have been running a new skimmer for about 8 weeks now and have it set to it’s lowest point. The skimmer is mounted on the exterior tank wall in the first rear chamber. I find that the neck in the collection cup seems to collect majority of the crap. If I increase the cup height which is the way you adjust the skimmate I am not making anything collect in the cup bar condensate from bubble decomposition. I have increased the bio load slightly by adding some new fish after the crash but the neck appears to collecting the dirt then after a day or so the foam does start to overflow into cup.

My question is do I need to adjust the depth at which the inlet of the water is set and if so is there any suggestions to getting it lower in the tank, remember the bracket secured it to the back of tank. See pics


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Hi from your pic I can’t really see what is not working, It seems to be working fine as the protein elimination is in the cup. Perhaps increase the cleaning of the neck for better flow up? I feel I’m missing something that your seeing?

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