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Looking after a protein skimmer for a 500l system( 400l tank and 100l sump). Right now i am running a  BM7 curve but i am not happy at all with this( lot of problems and verry hard to adjust ).
Right now i am looking to get one of this 3 models:
Deltec SC1456
Nyos Quantum 160
Reef Octopus classic 150-s

I know the Reef Octopus is the cheaper but i am ok to go with the first two.
I am looking to something which is reliable , quiet and easy to adjust.
I like the Deltec that they have adjustable DC pump so more easy to adjust
The Nyos have verry good reviews and also you can adjust the water and air separately
The Octopus is a good brand but have the filling is close to BM curve so more on the budget side.

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Another possibility that I'm looking into myself as an upgrade in the future if it will fit in my sump is the Deltec 1456


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After more searching look like i will also go with 1456 due 1351 can get undersized in couple of months( changing now the first post).
I like that Deltec have variable pump which is great. On the previous tank i had a Tunze 9012DC with variable pump and was great. After 1st week the only needed was to clean the cup.

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on my system I run the Deltec SC1660 and I find that to be a hell of a lot better then the SC1456 I use to have and I have seen quite a few issues with the 1456 pumps failing mine included however the SC1660 been absolutly spot on and skins like a champ.

I have not changed any water in my system for 5 or 6 months

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