BM curve 7 problems

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Hi all , i came across with this forum in the last days trying to figure out how to solve my problem with a Bubble Magus curve 7 protein skimmer. I've been read the posts regarding this type of skimmer ( including the curve 5 posts) and can't find the solution for my problem( thank you all for other small trick and tips found it).

The problem i have is that i am getting a lot of bubbles from the bottom of the skimmer ( on the output of the air dial) and not sure if this is something normal for break in period or is something wrong with my unit. The skimmer is up and running for 2+ weeks and i had this problem from new. The water depth in my sump is 25cm so have no ideea what the problem can be. I have the filling that this pump is to powerful for the skimmer body or the water/aer mix is not ok.


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It is mainly because it's new. It all needs to build up a mulm layer inside.

Your valve is fully open, though. If you close the valve down to about half way, it'll flood the cup, so raise it up further to combat that.
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Thanks Mike for the quick reply ( much appreciated) . I just raised the skimmer so no it sit on only 19cm depth of water and i turned the dial on 2. It's not overflowing my cup but still got a lot of bubble under the white plate and then out trough the output. I will give another week to see how is going and hopefully it will settle down and finish with this break in stage. My biggest concern was not be a faulty unit and no matter how much i am trying i will be able to fix it , and mainly due in all video i found on youtube none of them have bubble under the white plate. Allready started to think on getting a Reef octopus classic 110 or 150 due better reviews compared with this model. Any thoughts about this switch?

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Like Mike said, it needs to break in. Turn the adjuster so it lets less air in and the bubble height drops, don't worry to much if it's not skimming yet, I also noticed you have swapped tanks wich will also take a bit longer for it to start working due to hands in tank and oils etc from new equipment.