Big Capacity Skimmers Recommendations Please

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Morning All ,Just joined this morning and a rooky to a degree so any help and or suggestions welcome I have a custom 2500 litre tank which currently is running two Ultra Reef UKS 200's.

One has been temperamental from the get go I am limited in height so cannot go any taller than this skimmer so am looking at the more rotund designs to maximise the filtration and be the primary unit with the other Ultra Reef as back up.

The max practical height is between 600-650 mm the Ultra Reef stands at 560mm.

Any views on the Deltec SC2560 welcome or comparative other suggestions the Deltec is rated upto 2400 litres with the single Ultra at around 600 litres so plenty,however and I right in saying the more powerful the better?

Look forward to hearing your views Many thanks in advance.


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Hi welcome to ReefBase , that sounds a nice big tank . I can't comment on that skimmer but when I get round to upgrading my own one (a BM curve 5 ) it'll probably be the deltec equivalent I go for , just a smaller one than your looking at .


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Can we have some pics


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I went for the Deltec SC1456 which is the smaller version of that one rated for up to 1000l for my new tank and it's amazing. I've had a few cheaper Skimmers before it but this is on a different level. Really easy to set up, controllable pump and really simple to take apart and clean! Doesn't hurt that it looks pretty cool either!

The height on that one should be perfect too. The SC stands for single cone and the numbers are it's dimensions in cm.
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Welcome to reef base Leogemelli
We all love pics

Glad your happy with it @ChrisHibs



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