AIO Sump layout

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Hi All

Looking to set up a new tank and i want to get some advice on how best to use the sump (it'a an EAmarine 1000 with the AIO sump in the back

The baffle between sections 4 and 5 has now been removed (since I already have a larger RO tank so didn't see the need to keep this) so section 4 is actually the full width of 4+5)

My plan is to run my skimmer in section 2 and a small reactor in section 4/5 for carbon and phosguard.  But i also have the following questions:

1. I would like to run some Seachem Matrix in a filter bag or similar.  Section 3 would seem like the logical place for this, but would i be able to put this in section 4/5?

2. The reason i would like to put the matrix in 4/5 is that it would be pretty cool if i could put my Cheato in section 3.  I currently have it running in an external H2Ocean reactor but if i could get put the Cheato in the actual sump, it would mean one less thing hanging over the back of the tank. 

Would this actually work?  Or am i being daft?



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If you want chaeto have you thought about an ALR1?


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The reactor i have is basically a ghetto ALR1.  Its the D-D H2Ocean fluidised reactor with some red led's wrapped around it.  To be honest, it works great.

My plan here was to light up that section of the sump in the same way and then i could do away with an external reactor.  Less kit.  Less to go wrong :)


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