x2 Sumps with water bridge.

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Hi all.

Looking to do a conversion on my Aquaoak with central wine rack (similar to Gav) but I was thinking about x2 sumps/weirs.

Water would drain into Sump 1 with a ClariSea SK-3000  + additional kit - Water Bridge - to Sump 2 with more kit and return pump.
Sump 1 would have a narrow 'exit' section to the weir to accommodate the water bridge only to minimise bubbles in the WB.

To be proven - To purge the WB of air run a piece of tubing off  the centre of the pipe to suck out the air then place the open end back into one of the sumps.

When power fails both sumps will self level!

Anyone with experience of water bridges? Open to suggestions.

Cheers  :grin:


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If I'd went down the 2 sump route I'd probably have had a single Weir with a pair of large pipes to make the connection between the two tanks across the back of the wine rack  , I'd probably have went 2" pipe to stop blockages or air trapping . I decided against this , as I decided that I would need space for ATU and doser which fills one shelf in the opposite cupboard . Along with all pump controllers top up bottle for spare RO  , skimmer jug to empty cup and all other test kits and usual daily bits required to hand also in there too .


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After chatting to LFS who's been doing this 30yrs+ decided against a bridge - he has previously converted one of these tanks but got the wine rack to be made up as fake complete with cut down wine bottles  lol so all the electrics were concealed behind it. Currently waiting on reply from manufacturer to see if I can get a door replacement for the rack as I didn't really use it. Still x2 sumps but plumbing  together through centre cupboard. KISS Keep it simple stupid I think may be the best way forward.


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