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Sump management

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Hi there. I'm new to ReefBase but have a question. I've had my tank for about 7 years its 180l marine tank with a sump underneath. Over time sand has accumulated in the sump. For a while I couldn't work out how it got there but then I realised that when I used the scraper 2 clean the side of the tank It disturbed the sand which then in a very fine form has accumulated in the sump (about 20% of the sump is full of sand). The sump is full of cheetah algae at the moment. Should I remove this sand and put it back in the tank or leave it and add new sand to the tank.


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Hi, welcome to ReefBase  8D

Personally I'd remove it from the sump and put it back in the tank because I'm a too tight to buy new sand when I've got some already sitting there in the sump!
Unless of course you wanted to gradually switch over to sand with a larger grain to stop it happening.

As long as you do either option in small sections at a time there should be no problems with the chemistry of the tank, nitrogen cycle etc.


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