Media basket for fluval evo 13.5 (52l)

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I thought I would share my diy media basket for my fluval evo 13.5 for anyone else who has one of these tanks and doesn't want to spend £60 on the acrylic one you can buy online, I made this from 2 cut pieces of 30cm x 15cm egg crate and cable ties to hold it together,  if you have one of these tanks you will know there is an awkward plastic ridge in chamber 1 to make it harder to custom your own basket, this is easily worked around by cutting a slit out of the egg crate, to block the first 4 holes in chamber one similar to how the original basket you can buy does, I just glued a clean piece of plastic over them with superglue and this works perfectly with no ill effects to the fish or corals, superglue is safe for aquarium use, I now have an easy to remove and install media basket with plenty storage space for chamber 1,I am running filter floss, Nitrate sponge, purigen, carbon and ceramic bio media all in this basket which has allowed me to throw away the origanal sponge in chamber 2 and convert chamber 2 into a chaeto refugium with a hang on back 20w led floodlight, the basket itself costs about £5 to make and the only tools needed are a pair of scissors, I should add if you use the flow adjuster bit of plastic on the inside of chamber 1 you can achieve a nice trickle effect into the filter floss and better flow, it also keeps your display tank area at a constant level, I hope this helps someone facing the same problem I had


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Really nice and you avoided the mistake I have made with each of my own DIYs. A way to remove without submerging your hand.  .



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Thanks very much mate I'm really happy with how it turned out, I will probably file off some of the loose ends next waterchange as its a little tight but not too much of a problem


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