Juwel filter converted to marine

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Hi I'm looking to turn my juwel trigone fresh water tank,to marine and want to know what sponges to buy and what order would they be layer in from bottom up.ive got  a 120l juwel tank already runing as a salt water tank with fish and it's now going to be my hospital tank. I got a cartdrige filter running it so unsure what is need'd for the trigone  and madenhead aquatics wount tell me what's need to convert it due to buying it all from those,which is money that can be spent on salt and fish with there prices.the trigone has a fitted filter  so I'd like to convert it as cheap as possible to run it as a salt water filter


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Simple answer is don't use sponges in the filter. Use it to keep the heater in, and any extra media ( in bags ) that you might use, like phosphate remover, carbon or floss!

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