DIY new tank?

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I'm new to all of this posting malarky, but i've been looking around the internet for some opinions and haven't yet come across anything useful. So, i'm turning to other fish fanatics to see if you can pass on some wisdom. Hopefully i've posted this question in the right place as well, If not, let me know and i'll change it.
Anyway, we as a family have always been into our fish and tanks, my great grandad loved his pond, my grandad had two beautiful tanks, one with marine and one tropical. Now, we have three tanks in our house, I've taken over the tropical side with a growing 100L tank which i love and my dad has two marine - one with coral and a few small fish and a bigger tank with beautiful big fish...we have been looking into attempting to merge the two tanks together (we may have to loose the corals with some of our angelfish!) but we have a reasonable 6ft, 4ft, 2ft-4ft space in our living room which we were thinking about getting a glass tank for and fitting our own filtration.. can filtration go along side the tank rather than underneath the tank? Is it possible to DIY a filtration system or is that something we will have to have custom built? Would we have to pad out the outside of the tank when fitting it into the space? Can we build a shelf above it to store things? So many question with a DIY project so any help/advice would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Meg  :D


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Hi, Meg.

Welcome to ReefBase.

Filters can go alongside, rather than underneath. If anything, there'll be less pressure in the canister, and less chance of a leak. Although it might reduce the effectiveness of any self priming functionality which relies on a siphon, which would be pretty weak without the head up to the tank.

Marine tanks don't need external filters though. It's typical to have a sump tank underneath the main tank, and equipment can all live in there, including your protein skimmer which is important.
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