Aquarium glass supplier?

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hi everyone,

i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on who to contact in relation to getting some glass cut for an aqaurium i am wanting to build? is it as simple as going to your local glazing company or is there anybody someone could recommend?

i am wanting to build a 10ft x 4ft x 2ft tank so needs to be a company that can deal with this size of sheet etc.

any tips would be greatly appreciated also, am i better off getting a company involved and build me the tank? i have made alterations to sump tanks etc so have the basics of aquarium building under my belt but wouldnt be able to bring a tank this size into my home without taking out a window etc so was wanting to build it in situ.



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Try a glazer, but you'll need to know what you want. Take some specs from a decent tank manufacturer
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