What’s my Clowns doing?

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I’ve recently started my first tank and started nitrate cycle, added bacteria all levels was good so local aquatic store sold me a pair of mochavinci clowns, I first put them in and they went straight to the back and ventured to the bottom, next day they was at the top in the left corner and now for the past two days they’ve been sat at the top mostly in the right corner now, I’ve read a little about this and a lot of people seem to have observed the same however I’m just being over cautious, I’ve checked temps and that’s all fine as this was someone’s issue, I have a more accurate aquatic digital thermometer coming tomorrow as I’m just using standard household one at the minute, can anybody give me any reassurances? They are the only fish in there as obviously they are part of the cycle and didn’t want to overload it and get spikes, any info/pointers or reassurance?



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Experience has taught me that clowns are fundamentally stupid! It is definitely not unusual for them to 'host' a top corner of the tank. When they have settled more they will move around more but will alkost certainly pick a part of the tank as 'home' (almost certainly never where you want!)



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They look dead or dying when they sleep as well just so you know, as @mightyhatter says they're stupid and will do weird stuff that makes you wonder, a lot



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