Vanderbilt chromis

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THinking about buying a shoal of these.  Anyone had them before?  Reading up, they seem a good buy:
The Vanderbilt’s Chromis (Chromis vanderbilti) is another good aquarium candidate. Like C. acares, they are found in loose groups above rich coral growth in the wild. The Vanderbilt’s Chromis is a wide ranging species, and is a member of a species complex with two other similar and confusing species; – Chromis nigrura and Chromis lineata both look superficially similar to C. vanderbilti. All of them however, are small and share the same temperament and husbandry.

Vanderbuilt Chromis
The Vanderbuilt Chromis is found in schools throughout the reefs of Tonga. This chromis is yellow with beautiful blue lines and blue lining the fins. These fish are hardy fish that are ideal for a fish only, or reef aquarium. They do enjoy being kept in schools of 3 or more.
It is a very hardy fish found in a variety of aquariums. It is commonly kept long term, in small schools, and used by beginners to learn the hobby. It may also be included in larger schools in show tanks. It is a peaceful fish, and adds a dramatic effect to the tank. The Vanderbuilt Chromis will live from 8-15 years in an aquarium in water of good quality.

The diet should be varied and consist of meaty items, herbivore flakes, and frozen preparations. Using vitamin-enriched foods may help to preserve the bright color.

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