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I recently moved house and lost one of my clown fish, the female i believe. I want to get another any thoughts on introducing a replacement to my tank?


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Thing with clowns are the bigger one always turns into a female so you would need one that was a bit bigger than what you have left,if you want them to breed.should be ok though to add another one they pretty peaceful fish,might squabble a little bit at first but but should calm down after a bit .
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Agree with Dave,

Would probably look for a strong juvenile clown smaller than the one you have left, I’ve replaced same species clowns before without major issue.

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Get a very small one from a large group. It's more likely to be male still that way. If you have a female now, no problem, they should pair up. If you have a male, one will change to female, so no problem. What you don't want is two females, as they cant change back to male, so you'd be stuck.
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