Maroon clown fish has laid eggs...what do I need to do?

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My maroon clown fish laid their first batch of eggs about a week and a half ago. They have now hatched.

They have laid another batch today.

Does anyone have any experience in raising these larvae? We need advice on what we should be doing - set up, feeding etc.



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As I am sure you know they are pelagic for about ten days and once hatched the parents take no part in the care of fry. There was a lady on one of the forums known as Rona who raised a batch of Percula Clowns.
Obviously she used a fry tank and something like a sponge filter,I certainly remember she fed rotifers ,and then I am guessing fresh hatched brine shrimp.
The forum she and I used has long since gone and I have lost touch with her.


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Not much hope for them unless you separate them. You'd need to read up (pretty sure a Google search will get you a load of decent info - breeding clowns is quite common), set up a special tank with filters they won't get sucked into, various grades of food sizes as they grow, etc. A lot of faff, but very rewarding I'd bet.

Bear in mind that Maroons are not the most sought after though, as they're normally pretty aggressive.
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