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Hiya i have a a mated pair of clownfish who breed all the time every two weeks like clockwork.  I noticed today that my clownfish female has developed a lump on her gill plate or as i would call it her cheek. Apon futher inspection she seems to have two other little like pimple looking growths on her head. I have tested my water and prams are the same as usual nitra,nitri,am are all showing at zero. Sg  is 0.21 and temp is 25°. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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Could be a number of things. I'd try a freshwater dip first and see if it's parasites that may drop off. Parasites will hate the sudden salinity drop, and let go. Fish can tolerate it far better. Google instructions for the freshwater dip, as it take a bit of prep.

If that doesn't work, it may be lymphocyctis - scroll down to it on this page:
Marine Fish Diseases and Parasites
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