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Damsel behaviour

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Ok so decided to put damsels in my tank at work as you can get cheap and colourful ones . I know they squabble a bit but they seem to be happy apart from the blue and yellow one.
All it does is stay in the top corner. When I feed he comes out and feeds with the others but soon shoots back to the corner. It also chases off the others when they get to close to him.
Why And how to get him to mingle with the others and swim freely


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It's something that will either happen or it will not.

If it's chasing others from that corner it clearly sees that corner as it's teratory so will more then likely stay in that area.

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Damsels are a nightmare. They're aggressive bullies. The only damsels I'd ever keep again are clownfish. Green Chromis are colourful, similar, yet generally quite peaceful. They're often thought of as damselfish, but they're actually Chromises.
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As above.  The tank looks great though  :grin:
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