Clownfish set up help needed

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After some help regarding clownfish keeping! I'm after information such as what tank/skimmer/lights/heater/do I need a sump?  Would like some other fish in there, but if it would compromise  what coral I can have, then would rather coral. Also what coral/anemones would you recommend?

Any books people can recommend?

If clown fish aren't the way to go for a complete beginner, and I mean complete beginner, then what would you recommend? Are there any threads you can send a link to?

Sorry about the 400 questions!



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in Northampton aye?

Lets start from the top :)

What size can you fit in?
What is your budget?
Whats your long term goal?

Anemones are one to stay away from till your tank is mature. Bubble tips are the easiest to keep, but make sure power heads are covered so they can't go on a suicide mission. AGAIN MATURE TANK ONLY!

No idea on the book front. Have a search on here under the QA section, you will find a lot of useful information.
Clown fish are a good start fish, most people have them in a marine tank as after all, first fish you think of when marine is mentioned is a Clown :D

Clean up crew is important with a marine tank! Snails snails and um snails!
Rock, you will need live rock ( dry rock can be used but i won't get into that! ) Go for 1KG per 10L of water as a rule
Live sand isn't needed but can speed up the cycle of a tank, but if using live rock then coral sand will do fine ( and cost less ) 1-1.5mm is a good grain size.
Skimmer is up to you! plenty out there and bubble magus are a good cheap skimmer ( model depends on size of tank )
Heater, again depends on the tank size. 200w is good for a 3 foot tank. i'd go for 100w per 100L of water as a good rule.
Wavemakers! Need at least one of these. depending on corals to what size you need. I have roughly 6000lph in my 3 foot and that's on the low side for what i keep!
Lights, Depends on the corals you want to keep. You can spend a £150 on a light unit or £1500 on a light unit. LED's are getting better by the year, and are recommended.
Refractometre is a must! For checking salinity
RO For topping up the tank to keep the salinity in check.
Salt water for water changes!



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Definitely typed Worcester, not sure why it's said Northampton!!

Size won't be a problem really, I know the bigger tanks are more forgiving which will be handy. What size would you recommend for 2 clowns, coral, live rock and a puffer maybe?

Ideally I wouldn't want to spend more than £6-700, but I don't want to buy cheap and buy twice!

Edit- when you say mature tank, would it be worth setting it up with just rocks and coral for starters then wait a month or so for adding fish?
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Ahh! dropped you a PM with a local shop that's good help! Ah well.

Theres so much choice out there for tanks. I've recently downsize to a 3 foot and its the best choice i've made regarding size.

Personally, 2ft upwards would be a good size for clowns. Again, depends on what you plan to stock in the future. Never kept a puffer in a marine tank so wouldn't know what they are like. A few on here do but i think they are in fish only systems!

Evolution Aqua eaReef 450S is a good little tank, for under £400 with sump, cabinet and then you choose the lights/return pump/skimmer/heater etc. Second hand is worth a look as you can get some bargains for next to nothing.

Do you know much about cycling of a fish tank?



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Not a clue about cycling of a tank! I need books to read!!


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Long story short,  as stuff decays it produces ammonia which is very toxic,  and bacteria in the tank convert this to nitrite then to nitrate (which is far less toxic).   That's called 'the cycle'.  There are numerous ways to go about establishing the bacteria,  of which 'fishless cycling' is the best IMHO. 

You don't need to get into the full details until you get the tank but there are loadsa sites which will tell you how to do it, e.g. :
MHR's Guide to Fishless Cycling - Mad Hatter's Reef

Without adding any 'quick cycle' products, you can expect it to take about a month, up to six weeks.  If you have live rock, seeded deadrock (e.g. Caribsea LifeRock), or use something like Dr Tim's One and Only then it can be done in a week or so.  :)
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Hi just see a add on aquarium classifieds uk someone advertising a pair of clowns a go by and sand sifting starfish and hermit crabs
... all free have a look in Worcester


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