Clownfish is struggling - advice?

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That's why you never see anyone with a group of them! :)

To be honest, I think once you've got one, you won't want another. One is plenty.

They'll molt just fine, I've never dosed iodine, there's enough in the salt clearly, as I've only done one small partial water change in six months and mine molts.

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If you fancy more shrimp, consider fire shrimp too.  They're an amazing colour, and another type of cleaner shrimp.  Mine live happily with the skunk cleaner shrimps.  Maybe one of each?

I've never tested or dosed iodine.  The shrimp molt all the time.

Also, all my shrimp clean my fish.  The fish tend to present themselves, but sometimes the shrimp jump them - funny to watch!

I have an emerald crab that spends all day picking algae off the rocks.  Some say they have been known to attack fish, but they are scavengers, so you'd expect to see them all over anything that's dead or dying.  As long as there's algae to eat, I doubt they ever bother looking for anything else.
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Thanks, I shall check out the fire shrimp as well. I do prefer the scarlet skunks, but one of each might not be a bad idea.

Back at the beginning of my marine adventure, my LFS has a gorgeous little creature for sale, but I've since learned its a reef lobster and not reef safe :(
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