Clown fish just decided to host torch

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Hi all

This is Harry.  Harry is an arsehole, having brutally murdered her boyfriend (Lloyd) and a pair of Bangaii cardinals in the not so distant past.

Harry also never did much other than bobble around in that stupid way that clowns do along the back of the tank (sometimes choosing to host the top left hand corner of the tank).

So after having her for almost 2 years, and having had a torch coral for 6 months now, it seems that she has finally noticed it and has chosen to host it.

Im guessing that in time she will kill the coral, which is a shame because it's quite a nice one.  But my question is why the hell she started doing this now? 


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This is Harry.  Harry is an arsehole


Sorry, nothing much of value to add, but that did make me chuckle.

All I can suggest is moving the rock it's on. My clown was hosted by one of my torches for a couple of days, and when I rotated the rock a little, he lost interest in it.  Not sure it would have killed the torch, but it was definitely retracted.

And as to why they suddenly notice it? Who knows.  I'm not sure they're the smartest fish TBH.  For example, after going mental for it for months, mine now completely ignores mysis but I noticed him the other night chasing down and trying to eat a big turd one of the other fish did.
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"Yer an areshole Harry"


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When my clowns decided to host my LPS they soon damaged the corals so keep an eye on the coral

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