Clown fish breeding setup - advice needed

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You may or may not have seen from my other post that I’m planning on breeding clown fish.

Although I’ve had marine set ups in the past I’ve mainly kept chiclids in recent years. With that said I just want to run my set up by you before I start and see I’ve ive missed or overlooked anything.

The tank I’m planning to use is 122cm long x 45cm tall and 38cm deep.

I think it can hold just under 210 litres.

I don’t have a sump.

The plan is to put a divider in the tank. I’d use one section for the breeding pair and the other section for the fry to grow out (they would go into a separate tank to hatch until they go through the meta).

I just plan on using live rock and powerheads as filtration. Maybe a sponge filter in each side too. I have a spare external filter but I don’t think I’ll use it. I was going to use a power head in each section of the tank. I’d probably have a heater in each section also.

In terms of live rock I was just going to by a couple and then put some normal rock in with it and let it cycle with the live so it becomes live itself.

I’m thinking of holding off on clean up crew with the pair of clownfish in case they go near the eggs...what do you guys think?

Anything I’ve missed or overlooked? As I say it’s been a few years since I did marine 😊



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