Clown compatibility

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Hi I have a pair of Ocellaris clowns that have been in the tank for 3 years. They had absolutely no interest in the BTA's so together with an algae blenny, and an emerald crab they all live happily in the Candy Cane coral I got of @Amo Manik  a couple of years ago. My question is would they tolerate 2 snowflake clowns if I place the anemone they have hosted in my LFS at the other end of the tank?
240 litre. Or would this be a potential disaster?


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Full tank shot would help as well as dimensions, you would need lots of territory and line of sight blocking rockwork but I have seen it done before. Big risk though, alternatively you could trade in your clowns and try a harem with multiple baby clowns...but that can also go wrong in a hurry



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