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Brand new clownfish has white lump on side of his/her face.

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I'm new here!

I'm not new entirely to marine fish keeping. I used to have a marine/reef tank 4 or so years ago but I was a cowboy and it was a bit of a mess! Used tap water from the start, didn't have much money back then etc. I still had limited success with some soft corals and a yellow tang and clownfish surprisingly.

Anyway I've just started again. Cycled a new tank for 3 weeks using some very very cured live rock another reef keeper was selling. It's full of life. I have been testing the water every day for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, calcium, kH, PH and magnesium. I had a small spike a week and a half ago and now ammonia and nitrite are zero and nitrate about 6ppm. Done a waterchange since. Everything else is good.

So I just got two clownfish. They seem fine except one has a white lump on its face. I did not notice this in the shop but it was def there before it got into my tank because I first noticed it when I was floating the bag.

I've taken pictures. Can I upload them here? Anyone any idea how serious this is? Should I return the fish? The other one has no marks or indication of anything wrong. Both are behaving normally.


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The photos are sideways. It's the bottom photo and the fish in the right. They aren't great pictures but umyiu can see it's white and huge like a wart!


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No idea what it is but if I'd seen it in the bag it would have been back to the shop. I would still take it back even though its now in the tank.


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I've looked at it again this morning and I'm starting to think it's a wound.


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IMO it could be a small lymphocyst picked up from a small wound , it should clear on its own given good water conditions and diet . But certainly keep an eye on it just incase.


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