anyone had an azure or yellow tail damselfish?

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Just looking at what fish to add next - looking at possibly an alleni damselfish or royal gramma - just seen a pic of a an Azure damselfish - anyone got one?

If you had to choose between a damsel and a royal gramma - which would you go for and why?

Also, if you have a yellow tailed damsel - are they aggressive?  (do not want to repeat the experience of having a false gramma!)

Thanks :)
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Hi I had a yellowtail n he was not to bad compared to my humbug who was very bossy with the clowns n wouldn't let them near the rocks but when I added the bicolour angelfish he got put in his place . Best to add damsels last


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Hi @Debbiem ,

Of all the damselfish I have ever kept, I think Alleni damselfish are quite peaceful, Azure (yellow belly) damselfish and yellow tail damselfish are not so bad. Blue devil damselfish are bad especially the male one but it's really nice to have ...

My group of damselfish do not seem to bother other types of fish including the Royal Gramma.

Royal Grammas are peaceful.


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I had three yellow tail damsel.  One got picked on so bad by the other two I took it back to the LFS.  I do think they are a little mean.  My fish have been together in my tank since I set it up a year ago and everything seems peaceful.  I'd like to get rid of a couple of chromis and add a hippo tang, but I am afraid of what my damsel's might do to it.   Adding fish is always scary to me. I lost a newly introduced yellow tang from a clown fish beating her one time.

I currently have 2 yellowtail damsels, 1 yellow tang, 1 clown fish, and 4 Blue/Green Reef Chromis (had 5 but one died recently) in my 75 gal tank. They all seem pretty happy. 


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I think you may find the hippo will soon put them in there place if you get one big enough  ;)


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I have two and was told they are very aggressive  but I have had no issues with them at all.


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