Nitrate is high

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Just bought an established tank a couple of days ago, kept the water etc to re use when setting up, bought my self a testing kit yesterday and checked the water, ammonia and nitrite are both 0 but the nitrate was reading somewhere between 25-50ppm which when googling seems very high? fish seem fine and are eating swimming etc. Is a water change the only way to lower nitrate ?


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Hi , There are various ways to lower nitrate in your tank , all of which need a reasonable amount of research as there are pros and cons to all , here is an article all about nitrate in the aquarium it's effects and various ways to deal with it ,

Aquarium Chemistry: Nitrate in the Reef Aquarium — Advanced Aquarist | Aquarist Magazine and Blog

A Water change will also help reduce levels instantly and will give you a little time to decide what way you'd like to go .


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Just because  it's established doesn't mean anything.if it's been broken down and moved as mine was the nitrate will go up but it will lower over a short period.mine is still higher than it was buy is slowly falling.I wouldn't worry about it .


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It's likely the last person wasn't maintaining the tank too well, but moving the rocks, stirring up sand, etc. will all add to die off and increased nitrates.  No ammonia or nitrite is a good sign though, and shows there is a lot of bacteria present to deal with the die off.

As said, a big water change will be the fastest, easiest way to get them down, and give you a good starting point. 

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thanks, i stripped the sump out yesterday, cleaned it all out (didnt have time the day i bought the tank, needed to get the water back in and fish back in) i chucked all the water from sump and replaced with new water, which was approx 20 liters, so thats a fairly big water change, fish and inverts all seem to be doing fine still


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