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At last I'm about to start on me tank, 8D 8D 8D

I've got 25 kg of substrate to wash,so...........
Is it ok to rinse it with tap water till it's clean which would be easier to do ,can't remember what I did last time


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Hi Dave,

When I first set up my original tank I rinsed the coral sand in Tap Water...

Now with what I’ve learnt I’d probably use RO water.. just personal preference I guess, a lot easier when you make your own water...

Can’t say I noticed anything untoward using a tap water rinse...

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Tap, then rinse off thoughrouly with RO
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Yes thanks,all done now,
Put all 25 kg in a large brand new builders bucket ,put the hose in it and washed it all for almost an hour till it was clean,then soaked it in salt water ro,
Left it in there for a few hours to soak up then rinsed it out ,
Now all in me tank with 180 litres of saltwater ro,
Just got to wait now for the cycle process.


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