Hanna HR 702 kit

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A 9/10 for this kit. If you're dosing copper it's really important in my opion to the readings exact for obvious reasons, and although a pricey bit of kit, I felt it necessary to measure copper to the enth degree to protect my charges.
In practice, I've found that the age-old problem of the sachets spilling the powder outside the test tube is not a problem because I've noticed there's an excess of powder to fulfil the test, so a little dropped outside makes no difference.
The sachet spillage is a concern that many people have about Hanna kits, I have a tiny funnel from a hip flask to help with that, but because of the above, I don't even use it on this copper test kit.
It dropped a point because each test costs about 80p, which is high for a daily test kit for 30 days.



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Thanks for the review, do you know if these work with all kinds of copper (e.g. ionic and sulfate) ?

I do think Hanna are taking the piddle a little with their UK pricing at the moment. 

In the USA, these are $49 RRP, that's £34.59 at today's exchange rate.  Add the shipping, VAT and duty and you get £55. 
Yet the new UK RRP is now £78 plus shipping, so more like £83.  How is it £30 cheaper to get it all the way from the states than it is to buy from the local distributor. 🤷‍♂️


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