Carbon Dosing and water treatments

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Hi all

Quick question, been using nopox to control Po4 and No3, it’s the only thing that’s actually worked for me thus far. Now my regal tang has broken out in white spot so I’m treating in tank with polyplabs reef safe medic which has worked just fine for me before. My question is can I continue to carbon dose with no pox whilst using medic. I need to run medic for a min of 10 days to kill the cycle of ich parasite and po4 climbing whilst I’m not using no3po4x.


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There’s no reason why you should stop using nopox.



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Thanks as always Tim.


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Just to add there is NO reef safe treatment that will kill ich the only chemical that WILL kill it is copper sadly that will also wipe a reef and inverts out.

It may add some help but it's generally the life cycle of Ich and you see the fish go clear and they shake it off themselves.

I use to have a tank full of Tangs the biggest Ich magnets going I tried all sorts in the end though sod it just feed and let nature take its course after a few more cycles of Ich the fish got an immunity to it and it was never seen again in my system.

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