Which Lights Should I Get

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Hello all,

I have just purchased my first marine tank.

My equipment arrived yesterday, along with the lights.  I was advised by my local marine specialist that I would need one TMC Reef-Photon Mono LED 84w which was very expensive, after reading the box , I think  I will need two of them for the size of my tank, which is a Reefpro 900.  I am going to have to return this one,  and either buy two or find something else. 

My plan is to have soft corals, rock and fish in my tank, when I asked if there were any alternatives to this lights, I was told no they were the only lights that would do the job, but there must be others out there, so I have other options before I make a decision.

As I am so new to this, I do not have enough knowledge or experience to make a decision, I have spent ages researching possibles, but  there are so many to choose from,  I am so confused, please help.

thank you


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There are hundreds of different lighting choices out there! LED, Metal Halide, T5, T5-LED hybrid. You can go cheap and run a light like mars aqua, or expensive and run something like kessils.

The common choices are:-
Chinese black box ( Mars aqua, Keloray etc )
Maxspec R4Z0R
Ecotech Radion  XR15/XR30's
TMC V2 Luminaire
Zetlight ( various models )
or theres T5's with endless choices of colour combinations.

I've used 4x t5's with two zetlight LED panels in a hybrid
Kelo AO100 ( Kessil type clone )
Kessil A80


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A black box will do the job, and give by far the best performance per pound. I think the ViparSpectra is the one I would go for as it has a built in timer and the spectrum is nicer than the MarsAqua (less overpowering ROYAL BLUE:P

The problem with all black boxes though is mounting them.  You either need to hang wires from the ceiling, or DIY some kind of mount.  I think it's a bit of a shame to do that on a sleek tank like the ReefPro.

Therefore I would look instead for a pair of second hand AI PrimeHD with the mounting arms included.  These can be spaced apart to give even coverage throughout the tank.  The light intensity will be enough for softies and if you want to add hard corals in the future you could add a third PrimeHD and overlap the output.


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