Water tests and Water Changes

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Hello All,

Just a bit of help please.
Since we started our tank our local fish man did all the testing of our water and advised us what to do with certain things..........
So We recently purchased our own water test kit, it is the Sera aqua test box. Me looking like a mad scientist did all the tests and got these results:
Nitrite - 0.0mg
Nitrate - 50mg (its kinda in-between 25mg and 50mg but more to the 50mg colour)
Phosphat - 1.0mg
Calcium - 400mg
pH - 8.5
KH - 14dKH
Ammonium - 0mg
Salt - 1.026
Temp - 77-78
ORP - 337

I Know some are a bit high and i have done a fresh sea water change, is there a recommended time to test the water after a water change? e.g. 24hrs or a few days?

Any advice? i was going to do another water change in 3 days



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What is it that you want from your tank Fish only or Reef? What size is your tank. How many ltrs/Gallons
How long has your tank been running and what do you have in it, if anything?
What lighting, skimmer do you have and is your tank seeded with live rock or have you only just put your rock in, same with sand Is this all new?

Your biggest reaading is the DK are you sure it’s 14? You need ti be looking at 7-8  phosphate is very high too again you could do to get  if down to below 0.1
I may have missed your Nitrate reading but that needs to be below 10 ( it’s.no biggy if high as long as it’s stable)

Please provide more info in order to help. Another question is where  or how are you obtaining you water in order to change it 😀
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Yeah that KH is a bit high really, what salt are you using @clairesteff ?
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Really it just needs time for everything to  mix thoroughly, then you can test it.  I'd give it a couple of hours after a water change, then testing should be fine.
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