Water Containers & Filling Tank Up For First Time

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So I’m getting to the stage of filling the Reefer 170 up for first time but trying to work out what is the best and easiest way to do this. I have my own RODI system but will take quite a while to produce 170 litres of RODI water. I was thinking of purchasing 7x25 litre containers and then once the water has all been made empty this into a bigger container for mixing with salt. Am I right in thinking as long as the containers are food grade them i am good to go for storing water in them.

I was thinking of getting three of these 60 litre containers and fill them all up with RODI water then mix the salt in to each container then use my return pump to pump it all into the tank then heat it up in the tank....

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Hi Mightywings , yes all containers for mixing and storage should be good grade , I'd also keep my Ro storage and salt mix containers separate as you described in your first paragraph and not mix salt in the Ro storage but a separate container . Heat the Ro up to temp first , it will make mixing the salt easier , for first fill you could add the Ro to the tank and mix the salt in there . It is important once up and running to ensure water added is at the same temperature as the display tank before adding .


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I filled my tank direct from my RODI filter, with heaters and a pump to circulate it, then added salt. Leave space for sand and rock. Then you can have a much smaller amount in containers to top it up to the perfect level.
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