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I have a 110l tank that is a year old, I recently bought a new 250l tank that I want to upgrade my tank into. 
I have researched online but am struggling to find an exact answer, like everything there seems to be mixed opinions/advice!
If I use some of the existing substrate (ReefX Cérock 25 synthetic live rock rubble), run my current filter with the new filter, and use some water from my existing tank, will I be able to move my fish immediately, or will it need to cycle?
The tank has two small clowns and a firefish. There are a few crabs, snails and an urchin. Currently, there is only GSP and zoas in the tank but I am hoping to add some more corals in the new tank.

The only issue as to why I would rather do it immediately is I'd like the new tank in the place of the old so ideally would just like to swap them across rather than set up 250l to cycle and then have to move it 

Any advice on how to safely upgrade the tank with the least stress for the fish?
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Hi welcome to ReefBase

Two clowns and a firefish is not a big bio-load so if you move a decent amount of the existing "live rock" you should be alright!

You often get a cheeky little ammonia spike when moving rocks around, probably from the detritus getting stirred up, so my suggestion would be to move the rock etc over, then add a dose of Seachem Stability or ATM Colony to give the bacteria a boost.
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