TMC IlluiminAir 900 What settings?

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Yep here again another qustion as a complete newbie to this marine expo. Basically this things has all bells and whistles on it and I have scrolled through the settings and different colours BUT what I want to know from someone who has one of these is.

A General setting that will allow me to grow most of the easy and not to troublesome corals .. what I mean is you can change the varioius light source blue white etc and the K value?

So really instead of spending hours and thinking Oh that looks good nice lights what I want is a setting/s that are good for the potential corals

Can anyone give me a heads up

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Hi I think softies will be OK with 8000 -10000 K but theres always Google just to check.
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They give u a list in the user manual  has to what setting on best for what type of coral go off them and adjust them to the look u like.


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Corals grow when fed, and corals are fed by sugars. Sugars are supplied to them by the zooxanthellae algae within their tissue. Algae photosynthesise and warm coloured light, mainly reds grows algae best...

So unfortunately, the light that'll grow corals the fastest, is the warmer, lower kelvin number lighting. So a 8000k light will grow corals faster than a 16000k, but corals will look pretty rubbish under that, as it's the bluer part of the spectrum which brings out the colour.

So if you can get the lights nice and warm, with a kelvin of 8000k or so, then up the blues (blue light isn't a kelvin) to bring out the colours, then you've the best of both worlds.

So corals looking good isn't necessarily corals growing their best, and vice versa. Just go with something with plenty of white light, and adjust the blues to bring out colour to your taste.

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