Tank drilling hole locations

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I'm planning to drill my first tank and just trying to get my head around the hole locations.

I've watched a few videos on the drilling process, and have drilled a scrap piece of glass successfully.

But where should the holes be in relation to the max water level? I presume just below it in case of pump failure, so the sump wont overflow?

Something like the image below?


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Are you planning on a weir?

I'd do holes a few inches below to allow for a siphon without sucking down air. Also, the second will then be extended up with pipe to sit just below the height of the weir (or water line 8F no weir). You need an inch or so above that before the top of the tank to allow a second siphon on the emergency drain (if the main drain blocks) - a siphon will suck down far more water than if it's gurgling air down too.

Make sense?
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Looks like I needed to do a bit more research on sump overflows. I assumed an open drain with a cage was what everyone used.

I want to keep the tank as clean as possible, so have decided to go on the stockman standpipe. It looks like a variation of the Denso to me.

I drilled the holes a fair bit lower than I was planning so there is enough room for an elbow and standpipe with holes.



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You wont regret doing it the way you have.... the gurgling will be easier to eliminate now  *D


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That's good to know!

I made some good progress over the weekend.

holes drilled
back painted black
tank connectors in
stockman standpipe instlled
Lights mounted
Sand in
Heater in
Slowly filling from RODI


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The LED mounts and some of the parts for the stockman standpipe are 3D printed in PETG (I only had orange to hand).


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Nice one, massively envious of the 3D printer!


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Thanks. I imagine it will come in quite handy for the aquarium. I'm printing with food-safe PETG. Which is very similar to what fizzy drink bottles are made from (PET).


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