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Ok so my water In my sump is quite high,... but the intake from the tank is quite high up maybe a couple of inches from the very very top so if I take water from the sump I assume it will then drop the level in the tank and the water wont be high enough to drop down the pipe leading back to the sump/....

So how do I reduce the height of the sump but maintain enough water for it to flow over the intake and down the return pipe  lol see told you it was easy (but not for me specially under challenged


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The water level in the tank will never change. It overflows, so it can't.

If your water level in the sump is that high, then you've a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, as if your power goes, you'll flood the sump all over your room!

The level in the sump should be just below, an inch or two below the baffle in the final section where your return pump is.

The chamber where your return pump is, should be THEE only chamber in the entire system whose water level changes. All other compartments permanently remain constant.

Take water from the sump until it's in the last chamber an inch or so below, and it'll all become clear how it works.  ;)
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Have a look here.  There's an animation to show how it should work too:
What is a sump? | Melev's Reef
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