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My regal tang seems to have developed a habit which needs to stop. I need some advice.

10 mins after feeding time, he'll swim up to the surface, turn round and dart back down... over and over. Quite often, he'll turn around too quickly and splash water around in the process. I'm talking about enough water to render a sock completely soaked. My PC is 10 feet away from the tank and he managed to get water on the desk from that far away.

It's amusing but also infuriating.

I feed submerged food (not on the surface) to avoid encouraging him to the top. I sometimes ignore the behaviour, but sometimes can't.

Advice or comments?

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I've had this before in my freshwater tank.  Sorry to say the answer for me was putting a solid lid on.  Not an ideal option for a marine tank I know...
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A mesh cover net might take the power out of splashing water? And avoid any issues of a solid lid I’m not sure what they are because I didn’t have any.

On my tank I had both a proper sliding cover glasses and a totally enclosed lid, see in my tank thread. It reduced evaporation and stopped my lights illuminating the room. I’d clean them occasionally but it wasn’t a problem. The cover glasses kept the salt off my two 160w maxspect razor lights. That fitted and lived in the hood quite happily.
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