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I’m on week 3 of my cycle on my new 500ltr tank wen do I change the socks

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When there blocked or look like there’s lots of bits in there as the bits will start to break down the longer you leave it in there.




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I usually change my filter socks between every other days to twice a week but not leaving them longer than that.



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I don't think you'd need to change them just yet as I wouldn't think the sock would really have gathered anything yet , it would be something to do when you start stocking the tank and they are removing excess food and fish poop , although if you are using live rock it could be worth checking in for bubble algaes or anything else untoward that may have come off the rock .
I normally change my filter socks every other day as they do clog very quickly but does depend which type of sock I use , the nylon mesh type lasts a little longer over the thicker woven type sock .
I've been finding I can run the nylon type during the week while I'm at work without worrying about it clogging up , then run the woven type over the weekend when l'm around to be able to change it .