Pistol and goby pair questions

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So I'm thinking of getting a pistol shrimp and goby pair but have a few questions before buying them.

Do I need to add some small stones to my sand bed to help out the shrimp's construction skills?
Is my sand bed to fine for the shrimp to build anything?
Is my sand bed deep enough? (2")

Anything else you think I need to add or checkout first please let me know.  8D


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Yes, you definitely need to give the shrimp some building material. Pieces of rock (I use alfagrog), seashell, coral gravel etc are all OK, ideally a mix of different shapes and sizes up to 2cm. You'll need to keep replenishing the supplies. He can't build a burrow in fine sand without these materials.
2" is just about deep enough, but expect him to pile it higher in places.
Ideally a small 4-6" piece of plate rock (or similar) rested on top of the sand will give him a starting place for the burrow with a secure roof.

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Hi Gavin - I have the red banded wheeler goby and yellow pistol shrimp - I started with a sand bed of about 2 - 3 inches but my shrimp has turned it into sand dunes so some is now a lot less and other areas more - it tends to sort itself out when I syphon the sand when I changeover.  Mine is really fine sand but I add crushed shells, that I pre-boil in RO water, and put them by my shrimps burrow - he then takes them and uses them as walls, roofs etc.  It it the most amazing sight to watch!! :)



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