nitrate problem

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Hi I did a water change yesterday and my nitrate has gone up so today a got some more ro water to do another water change and before I do the water change I have just tested the RO water and the nitrate is high. Why is this happening?
Both waters are from different supplers.
TDS was 026 on first batch and 019 on this batch
Silinity of first batch was 1.025 the same as my tank and I haven't added salt yet to today's water.
I am using a RED SEA marine care test kit
The first picture is today's RO water and the second is my aquarium 24 hours after water change.
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I don't think you can use marine test kits to test RO, does it say you can on the box?
As for the TDS i won't use RODI if it isn't zero TDS, some will use if it's 3 TDS but no higher, it's the TDS thar will push up the nitrates which then feeds algea etc so you'll spwnd more on media to combat nitrates and phosphates, so (assuming your water is from an LFS) are they just lazy or do they keep it there to save money on RO fliters and at the same time get you to buy more media, I'm guessing its the first option.
I should really sort this out!!


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Agreed.  Can't test Nitrates in RO.  You can mix salt in first, then test it though.

It's a bloody cheek to sell RO that's anything but 0ppm!
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