New to marine, kent bio 94L questions and help

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you would think that but i used it on both tanks and both times within a day or so of being in, you could see tracks in the sand and little burrows  :grin:


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What would you guys think of a all dry tank with live rock rubble in the back??
I would stay away from liverock in the rear chambers, it will collect detritus just like sponges and give you problems with nitrates and phosphate in the future. All you need in the rear chambers to start with is filter floss nearest the intake, and a bag of quality carbon and a bag of phosphate remover. You can add a skimmer and / or reactor later if you feel the need. The filter floss will help filter detritus and fine particles from the water, the carbon will absorb nasties in the water and keep it from yellowing and the phosphate remover does as it says on the tin along with weekly 10% water changes you will be fine in a tank that size.
I would personally go for liverock and dead sand as I have tried using ceramic rock and dead sand to stop the introduction of aips and stuff. Even though I quarantined everything I still managed to get aips and caulpera algae in my tank as it only appeared when the conditions were right for it. Liverock is much more interesting to watch whilst the tank is cycling and you can post anything you find on here for the big or . Make sure you rinse the livesand in ro water and go through it with a magnet.
As said previously, the lights that come with this tank may not be able to support much more than soft corals although I have seen some amazing tanks that are only soft corals, and they grow quickly. They may support lps higher in the tank. hth


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