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Greetings All,

So I love having a tank at work, I have been speaking to the big bosses and I am able to have a larger tank within the office. I have figured out that the largest that I am likely to get (due to working on 1st floor) is the Red Sea Max 130D Reef System with Cabinet.

So I have been trawling the evilbay and have found a deal for;

"Red Sea Max 130D Reef System Aquarium
Tunze 6015 wavemaker.
In tank media basket.
Tunze 9002 skimmer.
Power head.

The tank has no lid. Few minor scratches on glass but overall a good tank."

Now I currently have a 168W Chinese Black Box above my 1" Cube, I take it that this would work over the Red Sea? I am also looking for some higher end options as I will be bidding and leaving if this passes my budget. I have roughly £150 aside for lighting upgrades.

I am not sure about the protein skimmer so I plan on removing that, possibly selling it if not required (I don't dose at the moment on my nano's so I don't understand all this)

The plan will be to set up and scape this tank and get the cycle running, once fully cycled I will be transferring livestock and corals from my 5.5G. I cant see a way I can get a 5.5G system into a 34G (29G display) system and run without a cycle.

So couple of Questions.

1. Lighting, I'm buying tank without any lighting. I have a 168W Chinese Black Box LED Light that I could use but want to know if I can get something a little better for £150.00. I like the Kessil Lights and the shimmer they put out on the surface but I dont know anything about spread etc of these lights.

2. When Do I use a Protein Skimmer? I take it this is useful if you are dosing or feeding heavily?

3. A quick start would be great but I can't think of how it would happen, I wont have enough cycled water and rock to have the jump start on the RSM
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1. £150 isn't a lot to spend on lights, so I doubt you'll get anything better for that much. Others may know better if there's something of a right size around that's in that range.

2. Skimmer is normally used all the time. It takes out small particles from the water that would otherwise rot.

3. You can add bacteria to the tank (buy it in bottles) and feed the tank and it will slowly grow other bacteria that will eventually replace it. Just keep testing to make sure everything is under control.
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Thanks sadly I got sniped on the auction


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