Moving plan and stocking idea for a 4x2x2 tank

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I'm new to marine having had an Aqua One Minireef 120 for a while, totally hooked though and moved one of my FW tanks on to make space for a 4x2x2. The tank and kit is secondhand and comes with some old but decent quality kit (AI Sol lights and controller, Deltec skimmer, phosphate reactor, calcium reactor, Miracle mud blocks (?), 150kg of live rock and a good variety of corals (some sps, candy cane, duncan, torch, mushrooms, leather and others I've forgotten).

I've already had some great advice in a different thread but thought I would start this one and go through my plan for the move. Space is tight so I have to achieve this fairly quickly and have come up with a plan of action:

Collect tank, sump, stand, pump and powerhead with 100L of water on day 1 (live rock and corals will go into a spare tank he has in the garage with a powerhead, heater and lights).
Setup the above on day 2 and top up tank with 100L of NSW and the rest will be RODI/salt mix, start heating and waterflow.
Collect rock, corals, lights and any other equipment on day 3 or 4 (depending on temperature, I have 3 or 4 heaters lying around, they seem to breed) and add to tank.
Next day get lights on and check parameters, if anywhere near add ATM Colony at the end of the day.
Next day check parameters and add fish from current tank if the water is as expected.

After advice on here I'm going to thin out the live rock and add at least one of the Continuum bricks to the sump, I may well build a diy algae scrubber as well. I'm also going to move any difficult to keep corals on as I'm aware the lights are getting on a bit and may want to change them for something quieter and neater looking in the future. I also prefer the movement that softies and torches et al bring to the tank, many of the sps seem more structural and statuesque.


From Minireef -

2 small True Percula Clowns,
3" Pink spot Goby,
4" Hoevans Wrasse (I took this to help someone out knowing the large tank was imminent),

Future -

Royal Gramma,
Purple Firefish,
Bi-colour or Midas Blenny,
McCoskers Flasher Wrasse,
Red or Green Mandarin,

Final fish (two from these three) -

Foxface Rabbitfish,
Yellow Tang,
Copperband Butterfly.

Have I got this horribly wrong, are the foxface and yellow tang too large for the tank, will I be overstocked? If so give me some suggestions please  :scared:
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Hi I would put the atm in when you put the rock in because you might get ammonia spike from moving the rock. Or put the rock in but not the corals.

A fox face will definitely get to big eventually.
You get away with a yt but ideally you want a 6ft tank for any tang.
Copper bands are a great fish but can be hard to get to feed.



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Copperband is the one I want most, any other reasonably sized fish that would be good with the Copperband?


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