Most effective light spectrum for mixed corals

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At the moment running 16K lights which are fine for what I have and my tank has finally got to the stage we’re it is pretty much maintenance free.
I don’t run anything except Skimmer amd don’t add anything except 15-20% water change each week.
At the moment I have softies, however going forward I would like to add SPS/LPS will I need to change the spectrum, which is predominantly Blues, UV as opposed to Red, Yellow.? Most of my softies are on the sand bed or no higher than halfway up my tank and do well

I tend to run into algae issues once it goes to the 12K mark. So not really prepared to lower this of it means my tank starts having problems and I have to add things again like GFO or NoPox etc

If someone could advise what they are growing and what conditions K wise
How long he light period is ramp up/ down plus anything colour wise they have increased or decreased I would appreciate it .
I run 2 Radion X -15s at the moment in 3 1/2 by 2x2  tank
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16K will be fine overall. Reduce the red/yellow if you can as its not really needed.


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I've had the best results running a bluer light.  I'm using the AB+ preset on my Hydra 26HD at the moment.

See page 5 of this PDF for more info on it:

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Thanks for the replies - Blue penetrates water to deeper depths as longer  wavelength, hence me running, but wanted to make sure it was OK to continue in this spectrum.


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