Lights to do or not to do Cycling

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What's  the opinion of peeps here re the putting lights on whilst cycling (maybe for a few hours per day) some say yes as it gets the inevitable algae bloom out of the way and helps the CUC to have something to tuck into whilst others say no .. leave the lights of and cycle and then add your CUC a little at a time the fact that there is no light helps to kill of any potential nasty diatoms etc

So far I have kept my light off .. I suppose its because I don't see the point in powering them up now as what ever life did require light is probably dead and I will introduce my CUC slowly .. having said that as the tank is not completely cycled yet I could put the lights on for a few hours ...if there where any benefits to be had.

So what option do you chose when you cycle and has one method proved more of a challenge  going forward than the other?


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I'm for the put the lights on camp...

With good live rock you'd usually get a variety of critters, maybe some mushrooms, zoas, and a good covering of coralline algae, all those rely on light, so I'd rather get the rocks colouring up sooner, get the inevitable blooms out of the way and provide for anything that requires light, than leave it off and have a stark white rockscape when I do put them on.
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Personal choice I think......but IIRC I just had mine on for a few hours a day during the cycling process.


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