Large aquatics shop(s) near Cambridge?

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I'm setting up a new marine tank, speccing out equipment etc.  I've read a lot of online reviews, but I'd really like to see some of the kit before committing to particular systems, e.g. lighting, wavemakers, monitoring systems.

I'm trying to DIY as much of the control as possible, partially for cost, and partially for fun.  So I want to be able to compare equipment from a control perspective, not just does it do the basic job.

Any suggestions for where I can go within reach of Cambridge?  Maidenhead Aquatics at Coton seem good, but it's a bit small, no marine equipment on display.  I'm happy to drive a bit, e.g. to North London, if I can find somewhere with equipment on display, and knowledgeable staff.  If  they have corals on display, even better :-).



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Hi by far the best shop is advanced Aquarium consultancy in Essex



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Im in Cambridge and if im looking to shop locally i will go to either Maidenhead (coton or Shelford), Perfect aquatics in Henlow or Jaws in Bedford.

But for the extra 20 mins AAC in Harlow is the place to go.  I have yet to leave that place empty handed



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AAC is great but I don't recall seeing much equipment on show, well not to the extent you could browse and compare the controllers etc. They have opened boxes up to show me wavemakers etc in the past.

The staff and livestock are great though so it's well worth a visit. If you follow Paul and Barry's advice you won't go wrong.  Also, ask them what the nitrate reading is in the display tank  :D
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Great, thanks for the responses.  Sounds like AAC is worth a visit, I'll give them a try next week :-).


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Mid week might be best. Paul or Barry will have time to spend with you. They seem to be very busy at weekends these days.

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Thanks. Need to go midweek anyway or I have to take the kids. No chance of a conversation then!


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