Juwel sea skim

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Hi all I’m new to marine aquariums and I have bought a juwel 180 tank second hand as the person I bought of was disabled and couldn’t look after it any more

Everything’s looking good at the minute apart from the juwel 1500 seaskim! After 5 minutes it cuts out? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do this? I’ve asked the previous owner and she said it never did this before, so today I’ve taken it to pieces and cleaned everything and made sure the air intake was clear, even checked the motor and it seems ok but when I plugged the motor in it seems not to run as smooth as you’d expect. I put everything back together made sure the intake pipe was open full and put back in tank and turned it on, 5 minutes later it cuts out ?? And yes the outlet at the bottom is open as well letting bubbles out, is it ditto cut out?


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It's not meant to cut out. Is it shorting out? Be careful about sticking your hand in if there's an electrical problem. Salt water is an excellent conductor  :S
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I have what could be a similar problem if I clean my koralia power heads , removing the slimy mulm off all the parts and it's never done sticking for a few weeks until the layer naturally returns. Other things to check could also be wear on rotor , shaft or locators or as above electrical fault .


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Agree with both the above.

One thing you could try is soaking the powerhead and impeller over night in some white vinegar in case there's a build up of calcium.

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Sorry I’m not ignorant but it looks like I red flagged you guys trying to reply to your responses lol  lol
I’ve finally just realised how to reply to these posts
I ended up buying a new pump and all looks good at the minute thanks


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